The Old Station
incorporating Waiting Rooms & Carriage
Station Road, Heacham, Norfolk, PE31 7AW
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At last the planning permission is in and renovations are able to commence.

Many thanks to Kevin Carty for his hard work helping on the bodywork.

  New pine flooring throughout.   We start to plan the kitchen ....... it's soon looking good.  Just the wall cupboards to build now.  
  Small photo
shows the view
from the kitchen
with the twin room
dead ahead.
On the right
is the main bedroom
with one of the
original sliding doors.

Large photo
the emerging
main bedroom.
Now we start on the outside.  What a pleasure it was to see the original number- M13318! 
Terry is up on the roof starting to paint. Now the crimson undercoat.
First of two coats before the final top coat
of British Rail maroon is applied.
With the maroon on we can start the lining.
Keep it straight Kevin!
The British Rail lion crest.  This was a delicate operation so Kevin took a great deal of care over this part of the job.
A little touching up before we start to build the platform. Level?

That's perfect.  Now for the canopy.  Watch this space.



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