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"In Heacham"
An organisation promoting everything that is good in Heacham
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Pam Griffin (Heacham Building Supplies)   TREASURER
Richard Dix (Positive Computing)   SECRETARY

"In Heacham" Committee includes:
John Wallis (AE Wallis Electrical & Cycles)
Stella Gooch (HOL Community Websites and The Wheatsheaf Inn)




In Heacham Initiative (known as In Heacham) was formed in 2005 by some of the local business owners of Heacham.

The purpose of the Association is:-

     To promote mutual support and benefit amongst Members

     To welcome new Traders to the area and ask them to join us

     To hold regular meetings chaired by a member on a rotating basis (i.e. a different chairman for each subsequent meeting)

      To record our decisions and actions in writing and keep copies of correspondence

     To make decisions so long as four members including the two officers of the Association are present at the Meeting. To be reviewed as members increase.

     Extraordinary meetings can be called at the request of at least seven members in correspondence format via the Secretary.

      The Association will appoint two officers: a treasurer and a secretary.

     An Alliance & Leicester  Bank Account will be operated in the name of the Association. Cheques will require the signature of both the Secretary and the Treasurer

     A general meeting (AGM) will be held once a year with one months prior notice. New officers and committee members will be elected and will hold their positions for twelve months. These positions may only be changed at AGMs.

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