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Heacham Parish Council Information

April Meetings in Brief



Youth Club: The Council noted that the first Youth Club session would be held on 25 April and that a management committee had been established.

Council Vacancy: The Chairman reported that there was a councillor vacancy as Mr Carter had resigned due to ill health.

Lynn Road Bus Stops:  The Council was informed that the proper bus stops for the new route on Lynn Road were unlikely to be in place before October, however  Highways were making provision for a temporary stop to be erected.

Queen’s Cottage Almshouses: Mrs Smeaton (Borough Councillor) reported that the open day had been very successful and thanked everyone who had helped.

Appointment of Trustees: The Council appointed Mrs Stephanie Smeaton, Mrs Jillian Carr and Mr Peter Mallam as new trustees for the Queen’s Cottage Almshouses Trust. Two further appointments would be made by the new Trustees from the list of those who had expressed an interest.

T- Mobile Mast: The Council agreed to grant permission for T-Mobile and 3G to  share the T- Mobile mast at the Chalk Pit.  The Council  also agreed to ask the company to improve on their initial financial offer.

Emergency Services Awareness Day: The Parish Council agreed to make a grant towards an emergency services open day in Hunstanton.  

Minute Books: The Council thanked fellow parish councillor Mr Chessum for repairing several of the extremely old minute and record books.

Heacham Scouts: The Chairman reported that there was no firm news on the replacement leader for Heacham Scouts. However, there was to be a meeting with the District Commissioner planned for the end of April.

Heacham In Bloom: Mrs Richardson reported that the In Bloom team were working on a schedule  which should be confirmed by the end of the month. The Borough Council had confirmed that they would commit £500 worth of plants and materials, the team had also a number of other offers of sponsorship and help which had been encouraging.

Heacham Cricket Club: Mr Hammond congratulated Heacham Cricket Club on their successful application for lottery funding as they had recently secured an  Awards for All Grant.

Twinning: The Council had received a letter of thanks from the Mayor of Criteuil-De-Magdeleine. Mrs Hammond reported that the Twinning Committee had already met twice.  The Committee were making preparations for a an official twinning visit to France in this October. Applications to join the Twinning Association were also now available.

Saltings: The Council agreed the location and design of headwall and footbridge at the Saltings. The Council would move forward to request permission from the Environment Agency and apply for grant funding.


Next Meeting: The next full Council meeting would take place on
Tuesday 20 May at 7.30pm at the Parish Council O

This would be the Annual  Council Meeting and will be held in the Public Hall,
following the Annual Parish Meeting.


The Local Elections

(Parishes and Communities Rules 1986)

Parish of Heacham

(Heacham Parish Council)


Notice is hereby given that one casual vacancy has arisen in the office of Councillor for the above Parish.


An election will be held and notice of this published, if within 14 working days of this notice, a written request that an election be held to fill the vacancies signed by 10 general electors of the Parish, is given to the Returning Officer.

The Returning Officer, KL&WN Borough Council, King’s Court,
Chapel Street, Kings Lynn,
Norfolk PE30 1EX


If no such request is received by the Returning Officer, the Parish Council will take the necessary steps to fill the vacancy by co-option



The Parish Council has been granted a licence to treat Greylag Goose and Mallard Duck eggs. The licence permits the Council to treat nests on private property in the village, but only at the invitation of the property owner. 

The Parish Council’s policy of humane management is not a quick fix, but with Parishioners’ support it will maintain current numbers and gradually the flock will reduce to a naturally acceptable balance.

The Parish Council continues to urge residents not to feed the ducks or geese as the food often encourages rats. This is also particularly important to prevent mother ducks bringing ducklings off the ponds and onto the roads

The Clerk        2 May 2022


You are invited to take part in the


It will take place at:-

Heacham Public Hall  on Wednesday 20 May at 7.30pm

Under the Chairmanship of Mr J Geraghty  (Chairman of the Annual Parish Meeting)

The Parish Meeting may by law discuss all parish affairs and pass resolutions about them

Refreshments will be provided following the meeting

P Sewell (Mrs)

~Letter from Parish Meeting Chairman ~

 Dear Residents of Heacham,

I should like to invite you to the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 20 May at the Public Hall, Station Road  at 7.30pm. This is your meeting and  I would very much like to encourage your participation. The meeting is an opportunity for Heacham  residents to raise matters of interest and concern. This year as well as the usual report of the events of the past year, there will be reports on the Twinning Project and Heacham In Bloom, both new ventures for the village.  Members of the Parish Council will also be at the meeting and there will be an opportunity to talk to Council Members at the end of the meeting when refreshments will be served.

Yours sincerely
Julian Geraghty  

Safer Neighbourhood Surgery

The next surgery will take place on Wednesday 13 May at the Parish Council Office from 10.00am until 12noon.  At the surgery, the Police will be on hand to assist residents with any concerns or crime prevention advice.  If you cannot make the surgery, then the Parish Clerk will pass on your concerns or questions.



We are getting involved - ARE YOU

Enquiries on: 01485 572142

Heacham Beach Party


This year’s party will be held at Heacham South Beach on Sunday 12 July 2021



This  years’ party will have Pirate theme. See next month’s Newsletter for full details.

Heacham Carnival Parade and Fete 2009


The Committee will be organising the draw for the new Carnival King and Queen this month.  Float registration forms will also be available. If you would like to put in a float but would like advice or need a vehicle, then please contact the Parish Council Office.

Emergency Contacts and Information


Many mobile phone users already know of the In Case of Emergency (ICE) idea, where details of an emergency  contact are held in their address book on their mobile. However, there have been a number of incidents recently where the emergency services have struggled to locate  next of kin details or details of a person’s medication. There is a universal system known to all emergency services  comprising of a small plastic tub, containing  the relevant details, which is kept in the fridge.  This is especially important for residents who live on their own, but equally useful for anyone who lives with someone with a severe allergy or is on regular medication.  These emergency contact packs are free and are available from the Parish Council Office, Heacham Surgery and the Parish Library.

Bus Timetables


The new Summer Timetables for the Coast-hopper Bus and the Norfolk Green No.35 are now available in the Parish Library and the Parish Council Office

Heacham Parish Library

We welcome new readers, please bring proof of i.d. and address
and you can have instant access to the books of your choice.

Open 10.00am - 4.00pm
Monday                     Wednesday                  Friday


Heacham Parish Council Office
Jubilee Clinic   Pound Lane  Heacham  Norfolk  PE31 7ET
Tel/Fax  01485 572142

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