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Thank you to all our contributors.  We hope to hear from more of you in the future.

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Peter B Gunn, Aviation Historian                                                                                            27 November 2021
Brancaster Road
Docking, PE31 8NB

Tel: 01485 518775
mailto:[email protected]?subject=1930s Information

Dear Editor
I am seeking information on the history of air displays, especially Alan Cobham's Flying Circus, which were held at Church Farm in a field called Stonier's Field from about 1932. If any of your readers have any other information I would be most grateful, anecdotes, photos etc etc.

Peter B Gunn 

The Drift Open Garden (Changing Faces) Sunday 13th June 2004
Hi Malcolm & Barry
Just to let you know all about my open garden event that took place last Sunday 13th June for Changing Faces.
As you know the weather was absolutely marvellous and as the time approached for us to open our Hosta garden at 2pm the people just rolled in. By about 2.10pm the garden had started to fill up, I would imagine that there must have been around 60 or 70 people milling around in this small area.  We had an incredible response to all of the brilliant advertising and the people really were fantastic.  They really supported this event well and spent their money on the plants stall, bric-a-brac table, refreshments (teas, coffee, squash & cakes) and also the raffle.  By 3.30pm the garden had filled to capacity and I think that everybody enjoyed themselves as it was just like a good old get together.
Just after 4pm things started to slow down but there were still a few people who turned up to look round.  We eventually closed at around 5.30pm and cleared up what was left on our tables.
I am really grateful to both of you for your help in advertising this event and I am also appreciative of the help from David & Jean Worrell, Mrs Vera Dawkin, Mr Roy Carter, Joanne & Lindsay Bird & Chelsea.
This has been a very successful fund raising afternoon and I sent the cheques off on Monday to Changing Faces to the value of £410.17
Since sending this money to the charity I have been given money yet again for plants that we have been selling outside the front of our house and also donations from people who were unable to attend.
The grand total now comes to £425.67
Many thanks again for all your support.
With best wishes

Play area for the children
Where I live on College Drive there is a large green. There used to be some swings for the children to play on but they got taken down.  Now the children have nothing to do and there are quite a few children on the estate. They are always nearly getting hit by cars that come flying down the road and I think the council should put some money up and give the children a mini play area, some swings, slide and a brick wall for them to bounce their balls against.  All the council rates we pay and they are not giving us anything for our money, in fact they are taking it away.

It is about time they put money back into the community. Maybe then the children will keep out of trouble.
Tammy Taylor,
College Drive,

25th May 2003
Broadband in Norfolk

Dear all,

Norfolk County Council has recently been successful in receiving funding through EEDA to help improve the availability of Broadband throughout the County. Part of the initial process is to identify the demand for Broadband at district level. A consultant has been commissioned to gather information which will enable NCC to identify needs and expectations, and he is anxious that he discusses the initiative with representatives from this area.

A lunchtime meeting/workshop to do this has been arranged starting at 11.30am on 5 June at Knight's Hill hotel. The meeting should last no longer than 2 hours. The intention is to invite representatives from each political group, from the 4 communities from our area that have applied for funding through the EEDA 'Connecting Communities' competition and also from local businesses, so that we can have a good area representation and present a cohesive picture of our needs. Can you let me know if you, (or a representative) will be able to attend.

If anyone wants to go contact Gordon Penny on 01553-616322 or [email protected]

Thank you

Gordon Penny 

19th January 2003
The village conservation area is being reviewed, and the draft version has just been released for consultation.  It can be inspected at the parish council office, or copies can be requested from Borough Planning from Chris Pearce 01553-616238 or Pam Lynn 01553-616235
Closing date for comments is 28th February 2003
Paul Cobb,
Borough Councillor,
Heacham & Ringstead Ward.

17th November 2002


  Borough Councillor for Heacham & Ringstead

 34 Staithe Road,


 Kingís Lynn,

 Norfolk PE31 7EE

 Tel: (01485) 570909

  Email: [email protected]


Does anyone know exactly how far the sea reached in the 1953 floods, which roads were flooded and which not, and how high above mean high water it reached? I need these details to counter Environment Agency scare-mongering about flood risk today.

Paul Cobb.

4th November 2002
Dear Editor, 
My husband and I love Heacham and Hunstanton,
now my husband, because of a aneurysm, can no longer walk unaided and uses an electric scooter.  We would love to move from Kessingland Lowestoft to Hunstanton, so he can ride along the sea front and give him back some independence. Alas the property prices have risen so high, you can no longer get an apartment or bungalow for eighty thousand pounds (our limit). If anybody knows of a property in this price bracket will they please let me Know.
Rosa Pearson - Please Email Rosa at: [email protected] 

2nd October 2002
I am sad to report the death of my Mother this morning. 
Isabel Edith Pott was just short of her 92nd birthday and she died peacefully in her sleep at Ounce House, Bury St Edmunds, her home for the past ten years. 
Born in 1910 at Halsall, the youngest of five daughters, she moved with her family via Everton and Lincolnshire, to Annan in Dumfriesshire. As a career she became a Norland nanny engaged in London and it was there that she met Roger Pott, whom she married in 1942. 
In 1945 they moved to Heacham where Roger was appointed vicar and together they started what eventually developed into St Michael's School. While the Headmaster had the high profile there is no doubt that his wife had a great influence and quietly and effectively undertook much of the background work.  
The twins, Andrew and Simon, were born in 1948 and Caroline in 1950 and with their Father much engaged in the School, Isabel took the leading role in the family. 
Playing a further part in Heacham Isabel was Chairman for many years of the Women's Institute and for a very long time President of the Young Wives. This seemed to have no age limit in the village, despite what the rules might have said!  
Retiring from Heacham, Roger and Isabel lived for some years at Ringstead before moving to Bury St Edmunds in 1992. Roger died later that year and Isabel has lived with her enlarged family since that time, with her older sister Dorothy, now 94, joining her in living at Ounce House in the past two months. 
Simon Pott

21st August 2002

Having recently had the need to call upon the services of the Community Nurses my sister Anita and our families wanted to find someway of expressing our gratitude to them. Having had some experience of Fund Raising and knowing that Liz Plumb was holding her Annual Car Boot Sale on Riverside Caravan Park for Headway and The East Anglian Air Ambulance, I asked her advice. After consulting Liz it was decided to have a Car Boot on Putting Green Caravan Park on the same morning (17th August). We targeted to raise£1000.00 to purchase a Pressure Relief Mattress, a piece of equipment desperately needed by the Community Nurses. We thought this might take several months. However, the event grew to become a mini fete with a Grand Raffle, Cake Stall, Children's Tombola, Adult's  Tombola etc. Offers of assistance, cakes, raffle prizes etc came pouring in. The sun shone and the crowds came spending generously. A friend had volunteered to be Treasurer for the day and it was not until just before the raffle was drawn we asked how much we had raised. We were overwhelmed when she announced £1256.00. We had raised our £1000.00, Liz was handed £207.00 for the Air Ambulance and £49.00 was specifically raised by the sale of carpet squares for the newly formed drama groups, "The Lavender Hill Mob" and "The Others" for 5-11 year olds and 11 upwards, which are run by Leslie Miles (Tel: 571781).

We wish to thank each and every person who had anything to do with the event, whether it was help or turning up to spend, without you all it would not have been possible.

Thank you so much. 

Pam Thomas

26th May 2002
This is a copy of a letter sent to Heacham Parish Council and we have also been requested to forward it to the Heacham Newsletter. Address withheld on request.
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are writing to complain about the distinct lack of benches in and around North Beach. There are 2 benches at South Beach that look out to sea. These are constantly in use and give a lovely vantage point to sit and watch the Wind Kites. Considering the amount of people that walk between the two slipways there should be many more. You should be encouraging people to walk along the beach and provide seating for the local community as a public right. Old people love to sit and watch the world go by. Why are you not meeting their needs? What reasons do you have for not providing adequate seating? Perhaps it is just an oversight, due to excessive workloads, and has not been brought to your attention before. Perhaps this letter will be sufficient for you to act upon, and quickly site some new seating!
Thanking you in advance,
Mr. & Mrs. Lees

21st April 2002
Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm writing to let your readers know about our work in the hope that we will get the opportunity to travel to Heacham.  Close for Comfort Theatre Company is unusual in that we have turned our back on conventional theatre buildings and are taking plays to living rooms across the country!   Myself and Glenn Johnson met when we performed in a play together in 2001.   We both wanted to try something different and decided we'd see if there was a market for drama in the home.  Since our first production in August we have found that people love what we do and enjoy the unique experience of  watching live theatre from their armchairs.  

We will perform for audiences of a minimum of ten people as the shared experience is more enjoyable.  Consequently we are frequently asked to perform at birthday parties, anniversaries and housewarming parties, but we are keen to point out that you don't need an excuse to gather a group of friends together.    Your room will be left as we find it as we bring all our own props, but we will need to use your sofa!  At the moment we perform two one-act plays (one drama and one comedy) in an evening which lasts about two and a half hours.

Close for Comfort Theatre Company will perform in your home for a basic rate of £185, on top of which will be added transport charges which depend on the distance we travel from our base in Leatherhead, Surrey.  For more information please contact us on 01372-378613 or 07710-258290 (mobile) or email  [email protected]  View our website at  www.hometown.aol.com/close4comf

Yours faithfully,

Janet Gill
Close for Comfort Theatre Company

28th March 2002


  Borough Councillor for Heacham & Ringstead
  34 Staithe Road,
  Kingís Lynn,
  Norfolk PE31 7EE
  Tel: (01485) 570909
  Email: [email protected]

Boundary review - the last lap

The Local Government Commission for England has now published its Draft Recommendations, having received the Borough Council's proposals and everyone else's proposals and objections, following all the controversy of a few months ago.  The Commission propose exactly what the majority of us want, namely that Heacham should remain undivided as a single 2-member Borough ward.
This means we have nearly won, but not quite - the Commission's draft proposals still have to be approved by a final round of public consultation before they are confirmed and become law.  Therefore, write before May 20th to say you support the Commission's draft proposals for Heacham, to Review Manager, King's Lynn & West Norfolk Review, Local Government Commission for England, Dolphyn Court, 10/11 Great Turnstile, London WC1V 7JU, or email [email protected].  (And surfers can read the full report at www.lgce.gov.uk - not published on the website at the time of writing, should be by the time you read this - click on Latest News-Norfolk.)
It really is important to write in and support, because one objection and no support could ruin everything, as the Commission make a big thing of being able to show that their final recommendations have public support.
Only five of you wrote in at the last stage, but that was more members of the public than wrote in from any other parish, and obviously helped sway the Commission in Heacham's favour.  Well done the five, whoever you are, and please do it once more to wrap things up.
Paul Cobb
Borough Councillor, Heacham & Ringstead Ward


Dear Editor,
I remember Heacham when at a very young age my mother and three sisters went to Hunstanton on the train every year from 1948 until the trains stopped.  I cannot quite remember when that was? 

We used to walk to Heacham along the beach to see our aunt who had a holiday bungalow near North Beach. We did this three days out of the seven as we had a runabout ticket and traveled to and from Cambridge every day.

Then, when my children were small we stayed in my aunt's bungalow for holidays and walked along the beach just as I did.

Nine years ago I moved to Lowestoft but still visit Heacham regularly as my son lives there.

I want to thank Barry for sending me the Heacham News Letter.
Rosa Pearson.


  Borough Councillor for Heacham & Ringstead
  34 Staithe Road,
  Kingís Lynn,
  Norfolk PE31 7EE
  Tel: (01485) 570909
  Email: [email protected]


No sooner have we defeated attempts to divide Heacham into wards during the Parish Review than the idea comes back again in the Borough Ward Review.
So what is the Borough Ward Review (more properly called a Periodic Electoral Review)?  This is carried out by the Local Government Commission for England, and the idea is that each Borough Councillor should represent as nearly as possible the same number of voters.  The last time West Norfolk was ďdoneĒ was in the 1970s, and so much has changed since then that many councillors now represent far too many people, or far too few.
What happens is that the Commission asks the Borough Council to prepare draft proposals, consult on them, and submit final proposals to the Commission.  This stage has already passed the deadline for commenting or objecting to the Council.  Next, the Commission considers the Councilís proposals, and any others it has received, and may adopt the Councilís proposals or prepare its own for a second round of consultation.  Finally the Commission considers responses it has received, and makes the final decision.
The present Heacham Ward consists of Heacham and Ringstead, and has 2 Borough Councillors (myself and Marcus Liddington), both of us representing all of you, but we have far too many people for the ward to remain unchanged.  However, what counts most is the situation in 2006, and trends* are moving in our favour.  If we lose Ringstead, at 2006 our variance from the average councillor/voter ratio will be just (and only just!) inside the limit beyond which extra justification is needed, so we have a strong case for Heacham being a single undivided 2-member ward - but we still need some justification.
Now for the bad news.  The Borough Councilís draft proposals are for Heacham to be divided between 3 wards.  Two of them will be roughly the eastern and western halves of the village, voting separately to elect one councillor to represent their half of the village only. The third ward will include Hunstanton Road, Ringstead Road and Church Lane, and will share a councillor with Sedgeford, Fring, Shernborne, Ingoldisthorpe, and Snettisham beach!
We canít deal with this the way we did the Parish Review, an opinion survey will not do.  The Commission want well-argued reasons supported by evidence, so if you want these proposals thrown out, and you want two Borough Councillors of your own representing the whole of an undivided Heacham, then you must write to the Commission.

You need to be making points about our community identity and interests, things like:

  • Ringstead Road has nothing in common with Snettisham beach, you shop in Heacham not Fring, you work in Heacham not Shernborne.
  • Heachamís interests and problems are common to the whole village, it canít be represented in parts.
  • Your daily life involves things in all parts of the village, not just the bit you live in.
  • You donít want to check the map to find out which councillor to complain to.
  • You live in one part of Heacham and have a complaint about something in another part, will one councillor say ďthe problemís not in my ward, see himĒ and the other say ďyou donít live in my ward, I canít act for youĒ?
  • Heacham is a single undivided community.  Facilities (Post Office, schools, shops, surgery etc) are scattered in different parts of the village and used by people from all parts of the village.
So if you want to keep Heacham in one piece, write before 22nd October to Review Manager (Norfolk), Local Government Commission for England, Dolphyn Court, 10/11 Great Turnstile, London, WC1V 7JU, or email [email protected].
Paul Cobb
Borough Councillor, Heacham & Ringstead Ward
* changes in total Borough population, average household size, number of holiday homes, likely new building etc, that affect the councillor/voter ratio.